1. “There are dreamers and there are realists in this world. You’d think the dreamers would find the dreamers and the realists would find the realists, but more often than not the opposite is true. You see, the dreamers need the realists to keep them from soaring too close to the sun. And the realists, well without the dreamers, they might not ever get off the ground.”
    Cameron Tucker, Modern Family (via unsedated)

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  2. Manny’s a great kid, sure. But he’s not exactly cool. He can’t even open a door cool

    (Source: holden-caulfieldlings)

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  3. holden-caulfieldlings:

    "So my plan was: drive Claire and Mitch home, put them to bed, pour myself a big tumbler of scotch, and tell Dede it was over. But on the way out we made one last stop. I don’t know what happened. Maybe it’s what robot Lincoln said about a man’s duty or "keeping the union together". Maybe I just chickened out. But I realized staying with my kids was more important than leaving my wife. That’s not the right decision for everyone… but it was the right decision for me. So I stuck it out until they were grown." 

    "Jay you want to join me in the jacuzzi?"

    "And the universe rewarded me"

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