1. Anonymous asked: Hey. You're pretty rad.

    So are you.

    fymfreplies!!! thanks!!not my gifAnonymous

  2. All of you are wonderful thank you so much for being so nice and taking the time to write, you make my day!! Hugs to all of you! Ah, well, if we’re best friends now you should come off anon!

    That’s awesome! I’m so glad the blog had such a profound effect on you, keep enjoying the show!!

    Oh wow, you sound formidable alright…Care to demonstrate?

    fymfrepliesthese are cropped out so badim sorry

  3. fymodernfamily:

    Any of you guys remember that EXO fic I posted some time ago? Well, I just updated with Chapter 2, so if any of you would like to read that.. Feedback is massively appreciated!

    Common Niches (Pt.2)

    Pairing: Chen/Baekhyun; side pairings: Kai/Sehun
    Word Count: 17 000 in this chapter
    Rating: R
    Chapter Summary: Baekhyun decides to accept that Jongdae looks plain stunning in a zookeeper uniform, but it might prove harder to digest his other thoughts once he starts seeing Jongdae on campus and he becomes a part of his life.

    secondary succession- the second type of ecological succession where the ecosystem recovers from a disaster (such as a fire) which has destroyed plant life, but has left the soil intact


  4. findmesummer asked: I love you even more for referencing heroes

    I love you too. I miss that show though…

    i didn't even finish watching it butfymfrepliesfindmesummer

  5. Anonymous asked: Lol why is someone like you getting anon hate? You do absolutely nothing wrong and run a fantastic blog! Keep up the good work ;D xx

    That’s so incredibly nice.. Aw, that’s not anon hate though, I just have some followers that like to mess around and I love it. Thank you so much!! <3


  6. 22svinja asked: i have superpowers even i can't imagine

    Ah! So you’re kind of like Peter Petrelli from Heroes? Invaluable addition to our army with questionable purposes!


  7. Anonymous asked: Was that an exo post? /Le gasp/ or is my dashboard messin' with me?

    It was!

    more of a self promo butfymfrepliescome talk to me about exo on my personal!Anonymous