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A satirical look at three different families and the trials they face in each of their own uniquely comedic ways.


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What is your most unpopular opinion of the show?
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Hmm, I’m not sure. Maybe that Phil isn’t that funny? I really don’t have any strong unpopular opinions about Modern Family. What’s yours?

I agree with both of you, Alex is a very strong and diverse character and she definitely goes through a lot - because of her family, but because of herself too. She has a bright future ahead of her though and I think everyone in her family knows it and they do try to appreciate her as much as they can. “Under Pressure” was an amazing episode, I think a lot of people probably found themselves relating to Alex’s struggles which highlights the flaws of the educational system and modern people’s expectations of students.

Would it be better if Gloria has a girl? Joe is cute but Gloria would really seem happy with a girl
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I think Gloria would be happy to have a daughter, as she’s said in a few episodes (I’m immediately reminded of the one where she said she used to dress Manny up as a girl), but what can you do. She has Lily at least. :]

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honestly I always felt like Claire was a main character but whatever I'm so happy with the nominations they deserve it!
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They do! And yeah, I think it’s difficult to distinguish who’s a main and who is a supporting character in MF, but I think they just put them in those categories because they had other people to put in the Best Main ones.

My biggest complaints is how some shows are mislabled. Orange is the New black is more of a drama than Comedy. True Detective is more mini-series. Nurse Jackie isn't a comedy. If True Detective kept the same cast from year 1 to year 2, then sure it's a drama.
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Good point. It’s all a mess. 

Modern Family nominated for 4 Emmys!

  • Best Comedy Series
  • Supporting Actor Comedy - Jesse Tyler Ferguson
  • Supporting Actor Comedy - Ty Burrell
  • Supporting Actress Comedy - Julie Bowen

How do you guys feel about these? I like that Jesse was nominated, but am puzzled about Sofia’s omission again. Award ceremonies really confuse me.

im sorry about my total ignorance about it but i dont even knew who was nash until i saw ur post ang googled is name, but couldnt find what happen or what could make ariel so upset .... :s
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Nash Grier is the most popular person on Vine. He is also a MASSIVE dickhead who has been offensive numerous times in his twitter and vines (he’s homophobic and I think he was in that video where he and two other boys say “what makes girls atractive” or something?). He thinks he is hilarious, but is in fact completely lame and ridiculous like what is he even doing?? And I don’t understand how people can say he’s cute when he looks like a fucking orangutan. Anyway, Ariel’s tweets were about his latest vine where he filmed an ad about how HIV isn’t just spread among homosexual men, that it isn’t “a gay disease” and he was like “YES IT IS! FAG!”. So yes. You’ve nothing to apologize for, you’re better off not knowing who he is.


Ariel Winter (Alex from ABCs Modern Family) called out Nash Grier today and it was amazing.

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I feel like Alex is more of an outsider than Luke, she's hardly even in it
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Saying this about Alex makes more sense because she does feel like an outsider in her family often, she’s said it herself. But I think you meant in the show? I think Alex got a significant amount of development this season, no? In my opinion, it’s just Alex’s…it’s just how things are for her, to be a bit of an outcast, she is smarter than her relatives, she sees things differently and it’s hard to be that way sometimes.