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Do you agree that it would be a great writing decision (as well as a reflection on todays modern world) if Luke was curious about his sexuality and turned out to be gay or bi? I already love the show but it would be so awesome if they used their huge platform and audience base to spread the word about how important family acceptance is for LGBTQ teens and youth.
+ hartfargo

I do! I definitely do. I agree with everything you said. I think so far Luke is quite a “ladies’ man”, but I could definitely see him being curious about his sexuality. Especially because of Phil, he seems open to a lot of things and doesn’t fit, you know, gender norms. If they were to write him that way though, there would be a lot of people saying that this is the result of Cam and Mitch’s influence or that it’s unrealistic to have so many gay people in the same family - which are both bullshit claims and shouldn’t matter, of course, but it may come up. Anyway, it would be cool to have one of the kids explore their sexual orientation, especially if it was Luke. Thanks for the great question!

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  • I’m glad to hear you enjoy the blog and Modern Family! If you ask me, that ask was definitely intentionally attacking. It started off nice and seemingly respectful, but then turned patronizing. I don’t think that there’s a category “fuck yeah blogs” and a set of guidelines how they’re supposed to be run? The thing is that, this blog is not like a fansite, it’s not a service of any kind, so I run it pretty much the way I run my personal blog. A lot of the messages I get are demanding and not too kind, some of the opinions people send in are negative, but what am I supposed to do about it? I acknowledge people’s opinions and don’t post the most negative ones.
  • Thank you!! I feel like you defnitely get my way of answering asks! Thanks again!
  • I get what you mean. I guess that’s a nice way to think of things, a good value system. I view things differently though - I believe that no one is under any obligation to do anything ever, as long as they are willing to face the consequences. For example, I’m not obliged to respect the opinions people send in, but then I’ll have to deal with people being angry and thinking I’m an asshole. 

These things have nothing to do with Modern Family and unless someone has something really important to say, I’d like to close the discussion about this. :]

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Do you have a favorite character and/or couple the show?
+ lunalovegouda

Ahh, thanks for asking! Well, I think at the moment Lily would be one of my top ones, but like many people, I can’t really choose a favorite either. Luke used to be my favorite, but like I’ve said before, I’m not a fan of how his character was handled this season. Ah, also, Andy of course! As for couple, I can’t really choose, all the couples have great things about them!

Hi, sorry for this stupid question but the show ended with mitchel and cam's wedding? It did feel like the end... Btw your blog is great
+ Anonymous

Hi, I’m not sure what your question is. Are you asking if the wedding was the series finale? It was only the season finale, season 6 is coming in September. And thanks so much! :]

Joining the discussion about season 5 from earlier, I think it was better than season 4. It still lacked something compared to the first three, but overall I think they were able to make the characters interesting again.
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Yeah, I think the focus was more on character development and that succeeded. I can’t say if I agree that it’s better than season 4 cause I can’t seem to compare them in my head, but anyway, glad you enjoyed it! Let’s hope season 6 will be more balanced and engaging!

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"Why are they both white?"
"That’s what my friend Keisha asked about you and Daddy.

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I think you're great, the show is great, and your blog about the show is great. <3
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Hey, thank you so much!