1. superblyboring asked: Its a perfect relationship between Cam and Mitch! I don't know why everyone is upset about it, not all people kiss every twenty seconds. Also, to the "Cam balls deep in Mitch" comment... Cam is a bottom. Sorry to break your fantasy.

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  2. Anonymous asked: I thought it was weird at first, but thinking about it, Jay and Gloria don't show much physical affection too imo. The only couple that do it is Claire and Phil really. I think they want to keep it down because they want to express the characters' affections in other ways if you know what i mean

    Ah, good point. Although I feel like for Jay and Gloria it’s…I was going to say that it’s different, but I honestly don’t know how it is different. One anon pointed out that the explanation was given in “The Kiss” and from then on they’re just keeping it real, it’s normal that some couples won’t be all that affectionate with each other all the time - besides, Cam and Mitch have been together for so long, I guess the physical parts of their relationship might not be that important to them anymore. I agree with another anon who is saying that maybe a quick peck here and there is normal though, when they’re celebrating something, for example.

    As for the final part of your message, I’ve been thinking about this too. Modern Family puts little emphasis on sex, contrary to many other TV shows. Sex seems to be a huge part of people’s daily lives, sexuality as a whole, but Modern Family chooses to focus on different things and I, personally, really like that. It definitely shows the abundance of things other than sex that can be important between people, in a culture where a lot of people seem to place huge value on sex.


  3. Anonymous asked: I think it is great that Mitch isn't fond of PDAs or people touching him. I don't like PDAs or people touching me either, and they are the only couple that shows how a very affectionate person and a not-so-affectionate person can be married and still show love to each other. Cam shows plenty of affection, meanwhile Mitch does not. It goes nicely with their personalities, and wonderful that the show has a character that is not comfortable with people touching them.

    I have to agree with you here. I actually don’t have anything to add, I agree completely, I was a bit unsure about it before, but yes.


  4. Anonymous asked: Previous anon is right, they do need to show more than a peck or a hug - I for one hope we see Cam balls deep in Mitch early next season.

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  5. Anonymous asked: It's interesting that you ask that because I was thinking about how the lack of physical affection shown between Cam and Mitch. I think it's a flaw and that they should show more than just a peck or hug.

    But what about Mitch being uncomfortable with displays of affection? Or do you mean in scenes hen they’re alone?


  6. lovinsha asked: I think it's more the latter but wasn't there an episode in season 2 that addressed this somewhat? I think it was in response to a lot of fans asking why Cam and Mitch haven't kissed.

    There was. It was mentioned that Mitch is uncomfortable with showing affection in front of other people. An anon also mentioned that Cam doesn’t seem to mind showing his emotions and I agree, he’s quite emotional.


  7. How do you guys feel about the fact that not that much physical affection is shown between Cam and Mitch? Do you think it’s a flaw of the show or do you feel like it fits their relationship and personalities?


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    Honestly, just stand down, I know you came to have a good time and, believe me, with 37 followers you’re not ready to feel attacked right now.

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  9. darkhorse701 asked: Is there a site where I can watch every episode of Modern Family for free?


    You can also find them on PirateBay.