1. Anonymous asked: I love your blog so much thank you for running it every day and posting for modern family fans to enjoy! Xx

    This is a wonderful message! Thank you so much for enjoying the blog and taking the time to write this, we truly appreciate it!


  2. Anonymous asked: there's no new episode tonight

    Well, it’s always good to have the livestream links, isn’t it? 




    Modern Family Fan (AKA Mofy) Book 

    How can you participate?

    You can send me a letter about Modern Family but not about Sofia Vergara, Ty Burrell or anyone of the cast. This book is not gonna be for the cast, it’s gonna be for everyone who works there writers, cast, creators, the whole crew, so dont write about a person or only the cast. Write in general terms.

    What can I write?

    You can write about how MF has changed your life, any anecdote, why you love it. Everything you want but remember what I said in the first part.

    How long can be the letter?

    There’s not limit

    You can also send:

    - Fan Art

    Where can i send it?

    You can submit it on my tumblr or send it to my email: michelled_1994@hotmail.com

    What Information I have to send?



    Twitter (If you want):

    Tumblr (If you want):

    When is the last day to send the letter or fan art?

    The last day is December 20 (It can change). Why so late? I want every mofy to know about this project and for that I need time.

    Are you sure they will receive it?

    Yes, I am. I will send it to one of the creators of the Show “Steve Levitan”. I already have sent him some stuff before and Steve has received it plus he is very kind when it’s about fans. 

    So when are you gonna have ready the book?

    I work and study, so it’s not gonna take just a few days to do it. I’m gonna take all my free time to start doing the book maybe in a month I will have it ready. I will use InDesign to do it. 

    When are you gonna send it?

    The last day of sending the letter or fan art I will tell you. I need to save up money, the last time it costed me 70 dollars this time will be more ‘cause the book will be heavier. But dont worry about that I will get the money and send it with FedEx. Then I will tell you the day It will arrive. 

    Any more questions?

    You can ask here or on my twitter @Mich_McCartney

  4. soopke:

    Hahha, these 2 again. Estilo Fresco - Cool Style.

    Modern Family 5.19 A Hard Jay’s Night

    phil dunphygloria delgadoty burrellSofia Vergaramodern familygifseason 55x19a hard jay's night