1. linhcinderella asked: I actually really liked the 5th season and tend to rewatch more episodes from that season. I think it's because the characters have more development. As much as I love humor, I still want the characters to be 3-dimensional.

    I agree, character development is improtant and season 5 seemed to focus more on that.


  2. excentials asked: I gotta tell you, I was one of the people who dissed (is that how it's spelled?) season 5, but lately I've been having some insomnias and I basically rewatched the entire season in two nights and it definetely grew on me. I guess I was too quick to judge. The season was good, actually. Anyway, cheers (:

    Well! Good to hear your opinion’s changed that way then! Maybe when you watch it all at once it makes more sense, you get a better sense of continuity, whereas when we only get an episode a week or so a big part of the effect is lost. I still think it had some weaknesses, but it’s good to hear you enjoyed re-watching it!

    fymfrepliesyeah i think thats how you spell itexcentials

  3. Anonymous asked: Hey same person with the best comedy series question. Im new the modern family fandom, so can you explain to me why people think season 5 wasn't as strong? Also, I've already watched all the episodes.

    Hi. Huge apologies for not replying sooner, but aside from everything else, I’ve also been contemplating how to respond. To be honest, I can’t say any objective reason why season 5 wasn’t as strong. Personally, I just found most of the episodes, apart from the last 5-6 maybe, not memorable and slightly bland. Perhaps the humor got a bit repetitive? And people who have been messaging me seem to think it wasn’t as strong too, yes. Overall, I think it was a good season, there was plenty of character development and good scenes, but maybe the humor needs refreshing.


  4. Anonymous asked: When you said below 5x13 and 5x14 what did you mean by that

    5 is the season, 14 is the episode number. :]


  5. babydos:

    get to know me meme: favorite relationships [1/5] → Phil & Haley Dunphy

    ”I’m going after her. This little chicken game may work for your dad, but it doesn’t work for me. That’s my little girl. I need her to know that no guy on Earth is good enough for her. Let alone some slimy, middle-aged jean salesman.”

    phil dunphyhaley dunphyty burrellsarah hylandgifmodern familyimage

  6. Anonymous asked: Do you know some episodes that have a lot of Haley in them?

    Some episodes that center more around Haley that I can think of are “Three Dinners” (5x13) and “iSpy” (5x14) from season 5, and “Schooled” (4x02), “Party Crasher” (4x12) and “Arrested” (4x07) in season 4. 


  7. Anonymous asked: Do you have a gif where Phil names off powerful women that he's attracted to but realizes that they're all black?

    Probably. What episode is that? I’ll try finding it for you and if not, I’ll gif it.