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I think Andy is completely straight. He just doesn't conform to what is typically "straight behavior", same as Phil. (And he's obviously into Haley, so...)
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I guess, though, again, I don’t think there’s any way for is to know that. :]

Do you know when the next episode of modern family comes out
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September 24

I know it's weird, maybe it's because of his kind personality... But I'm not sure andy is 100% heterosexual? Views?
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Not necessarily. Like Phil, Andy is “in touch with his feminine side” sort of, he’s got a more gentle character and, like you said, a kind personality, but so far the only thing we know about his sexual orientation is that he had a girlfriend of many years and he likes Haley. If you ask me, we can’t really speculate. :]


4x01 Bringing Up Baby

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I would love to see a relationship between Haley and Andy in the next season. About how Haley starts to act on her feelings towards him. I would like to see either Haley go after Andy to tell him how she feels, or Andy come back for her and say how he feels. I think they'd be a cute couple ^_^ What are your thoughts on it?
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I love Andy! And I love the dynamics between him and Haley, I certinly hope we see it explored more next season. I think that they both have something for each other, but it might not work out at first at all for many reasons. I’d just love to see it unfold though. Haley’s had some big character growth, so this will be important for her. 

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I agree with both of you about Alex, that’s why I said in my response that it would be cool if one of the kids got to explore their sexuality, anyone, if you ask me - even Lily, at some point (though she already made her point about being gay…). It would definitely make sense for her to be bi. On the other hand, I feel like she is definitely more interested in focusing on her studies and self-development, so that might be a bigger reason as to why we haven’t seen her date all that much or show a lot of interest romantically in boys/anyone. On the other hand, it would be much more unexpected for Luke to be the one exploring his sexuality because he’s been shown to definitely like girls a lot, but he’s also in touch with his feminine side like Phil, so he seems open to stuff like this. Personally, I’d find it more interesting to see Luke explore his sexuality, but I think it would be great to see that addressed with Alex too.

Yoooo thank you!! I do my best!

Ah, true, you can never really know! 

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+ Introduction to Punishment


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Part of a series Two on Top of The Whole
Sehun/sugar daddy!Junmyeon
Word Count: 4k
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: very light bondage, dom/sub dynamics, daddy kink
Summary: The adventures of Oh Sehun and his sugar daddy, millionaire Kim Junmyeon

[In this part:] Bratty Sehun gets a treatment from Junmyeon

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Hey, guys, remember how a while ago I posted about an EXO fanfic I’ve been writing? Well, I just started a new series! Feedback would be greatly appreciated from those who decide to read it, thanks! :]

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