Dedicated to the amazing show "Modern Family".


A satirical look at three different families and the trials they face in each of their own uniquely comedic ways.


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Favorite cast member (actor)? Favorite character?
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I think I’ve answered this before, but let’s see.. I think my favorite cast member is either Jesse, Nolan or Sofia, and for favorite character…I used to love Luke a lot, but now I really love Lily too. :] 


here we are, a plum for my peach.

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I though the season premiere of Modern Family was pretty good. But I loved the ending when Jay says something to Gloria along the lines of "You're telling me you can get ready this fast?!" That made me laugh so much xD. What did YOU think of it :) ?
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Ahh, yes! That scene was great! I want to gif it as soons as possible, but I had some problems with my downloads. I liked the thing between gloria and Jay, addressing self esteem issues like that for older people too. 


Surprising my hugsband!

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I really liked the new episode. The Dunphy's perfect summer was so good, and Cameron crashing at Mitch's work thing was hilarious. Which parts did you like?
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I abolutely loved the Dunphy’s perfect summer thing, it was amazing! It was hilarious to me that Alex’s absence was the reason for it :D I thought the episode was a good way to start the season, though it could have been a liiiiiiiiittle more convincing. :]

Do you ship Hayley and Andy?
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I sure do! I’ve been thinking about making a gifset of them, but why do I never seem to have time… Also, like an anon pointed out, Andy is coming back very soon! 

Tell me what you thought of the new episode!

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Boots and More Boots.

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